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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So my experience with blogging is very limited.  I am aware of what a blog is and how it can be used in an educational setting as well as for personal reasons.  I haven't really ever felt the need to use one as I teach in elementary school and I was teaching second graders.  While most second graders probably could use a blog, I just didn't see where I could use it.  Also that required a lot of planning and permission slips and I will admit I can be pretty lazy at times. 

Meanwhile that is totally not where I wanted to go with my first post.  I wanted to talk about my experience with creating this blog.  Now I love gadgets and playing around with the newest technology until I have a better understanding of it, but WOW there were many things going on with the making of this blog.  It all started off pretty basic with choosing a title for the blog, creating a web address and so on.  This was all easily completed.  When I actually got to the personalizing of the blog was when I was on visual overload. 

Blogger has about a million different gadgets you can have on your blog and I was not sure what half of them did.  Most of the ones I chose to have on this blog were chosen because I liked the graphic next to their description.  That's how technical I am.  "Oooh look at that pretty picture."  My goal before my next post will be to actually use these gadgets in order to make my blog more efficient.  Wish me luck! 

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