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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diigo Improved

After having an opportunity to use Diigo with my students and become more familiar with the feature, I think this is a phenomenal tool for educators.  This allows you to create numerous lists featuring numerous websites.  It is wonderful for really any education classroom.  The links can be used for parents, for students, or for colleagues.  Not only will they have a list of websites that align with the curriculum or a project or whatever you're using it for, you can also leave specific notes to help navigate through potentially difficult websites.

While this website is not a difficult website to navigate, I have highlighted the username and password and added a note to tell the students where they can find the needed information.  This can be helpful because as we all know, as soon as they get home, everything leaks out through their ears.

As Cara mentioned in her blog this is a great site to keep in your hand-out folder so that the students can access it with ease and get where they need to go quickly and not waste time.  I don't know about everyone else's schools, but I feel like the computer lab is checked out at the most random times and I can barely make time for an hour's visit.

One of my most favorite features of this site is this:

As soon as you bookmark a page (using your Diigo toolbar) this little box pops up.  This allows you to name the bookmark, create a description of the site, tag key words, assign it to a list you've created, or post the site to a social networking tool.  The reason I think this is so great is because of the description and tags.  This allows parents or students to read what they will find when using the site.  They can see if it contains manipulatives, interactive games, research help, or whatever you decide to include.  From someone who often clicks through many different sites before finding one I like, I think this can be a real time saver.

With all of the uses for this excellent site, what are you waiting for.  Visit today!

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