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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Conclusion... or is it...

So this project has come to an end.  I came in to this course and this project knowing there were many different Web 2.0 tools out there, but not really knowing much about them.  This assignment allowed me to investigate several different web 2.0 tools and through reading other's blogs, I was able to learn about many more.

As I said in my first blog I did not really know much about blogging nor did I find it worthwhile.  After having to blog about these different tools, I see why it can be so popular.  Blogging can be a great tool to share your opinion or present information.  The format can be about whatever you choose.  Linking to other sites gives you an opportunity to see how other's interact with different topics.

Blogging and all of the other tools I came across really makes me think about the future of education.  Many of my colleagues and I really are behind in how we present our information to the students.  There are numerous ways to present information and the internet holds so many great ideas for you to use.  I feel as if my outlook has changed and I look forward to the best way to make it happen.  So thank you Blog... I have learned!

Now, if you would like to check out my comments to other students, please visit the following sites:
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2.   Joe's Wiki Wiki
3.   Patrick's Note Flight IV
4.   Kristen's Doodle Polling
5.   Eileen's "how to" Blog Video for Students
6.   Sarah's Weekly Planning
7.   Sarah's Glogging
8.   Leslie's World of DropBox
9.   Leslie's Flickr
10. Leslie's The Power of Social Network
11. Iffeisha's Social Networking in the Classroom
12. Jackie's Storybird

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