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Saturday, January 1, 2011


So as if Dr. Marcovitz had planned it, the November/December issue of Action Line's main article is entitled "Educator 2.0".  In the article it talks about the technology exposure our students have and one way to keep students interested and to reach them is to use web 2.0 tools.

So going through this article, I was looking for tools that I had never come across.  They had a list of "15 tools for the 21st century educators" and on that list was Diigo, a social bookmarking tool:

The main page as pictured above does a great job of explaining all of the features Diigo offers.  It was kind of overwhelming for me to see all of the things that this site can allow for.  On the main page it has a link for educators who are using this program.  Diigo for educators allows you to create student accounts for your whole class and student e-mail addresses are not required.  The students in your class will automatically be set up in a group and can use different group features like group bookmarks and forums.  Privacy is set by teachers and ads are education related sponsors.  Once you've signed up for a Diigo account, Diigo allows you to apply for an educator upgrade.  The upgrade requires you to fill out a short application by asking for your educator e-mail address and more interestingly they require you to explain how you will use Diigo with your students.

Diigo also allows you to download the Diigo toolbar.  The toolbar allows you to surf the net and add a bookmark, highlights, notes, or send a link via social networking tools.  I've tried to add a picture of the toolbar, but I can't find a size that will fit and be visible.  So my suggestion would be to try out this program on your own!

Below is a picture of the library that I've created to help my math students.  With this program I can create a list of helpful sites for students to use as resources or to get extra help and e-mail it to the parents.


  1. Megan did you find this one easy to use?

  2. Howard County has one for techies, you need to have permission to join but I have found some good stuff on here.

  3. I just joined this yesterday and have been having fun marking bookmarks for my students to use. I will be interested to see what else you decide to do with it, hopefully it will give me more ideas!

  4. I really like this more than some of the other social bookmarking sites that I found because you can not only bookmark sites for later, but you can also highlight and add notes. I like the separate toolbar that you can add to your browser to make doing all of the above so much easier as well. Some of the other social bookmarking sites are also jumping on board with that!

  5. Nice find! I do enjoy anything right now that does not require an email address!

    HoCo are you listening? Our students need emails!